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1 Defeat Larger Attackers DVD
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  • A secret trick to remain completely calm in the face of danger - even when some enraged maniac is right up in your face – and then launch a vicious split-second attack like flipping on a switch!
  • A 2-inch "hidden" target that when you hit it, will shatter bones, instantly overwhelm his size & strength, and leave him utterly defenseless!
  • The one move I've personally REAL FIGHTS against larger attackers... that's worked 100% of the time!
  • "First Strike"! When it's justified...and how to pull it off before he ever knows what hit him!
  • The #1 mistake even trained fighters make when it comes to striking in the street! (You'll learn the hard truth after you demonstrate this...on yourself!)
  • How to defend against a blinding fury of punches...and then immediately launch a devastating "sneak attack" that will take a bigger guy right off his feet! (He'll NEVER even see it coming!)
  • How to unleash brutal, unstoppable power into all your matter what your size or skill level!